We care about your space. Do not worry about anything, that will be our job and pleasure.


You may have a space completely new and empty, or maybe with too much things you may not even  like anymore. Let us take over and transform that into a place you will feel reflected in and pleased.


Full design service

We'll design your project in full, giving you a whole set of blueprints and then making it happen.

room design

 If you only want to design a particular space, this is the one for you.


We know building or renovating can be overwhelming - we make it enjoyable! We can choose the finishings for you or we can shop together.


Furniture can make it or break it. Leave it to us, we design it and make it from scratch.


Not every piece has to be designed from scratch, let us rescue and transform your most beloved pieces.

Details make the design-Charles Eames.png


Rugs are a piece of art on your floor. We make every design possible come true.



There's no place like home. Let every detail that surrounds you reflect truly who you are.


Costumers are so influenced by spaces. A commercial space design can really reflect what your business is all about.


Is your office your second home? Your workspace should make you feel  comfortable and inspired.


You have a different project? We don't like to settle. Find out everything we are capable of doing.

An interior architecture studio run by Ana Maria Hanze de Doumet


Ana María began her professional career studying Social Communication and Marketing. But after developing the TOUS Jewelry franchise in Ecuador and opening 3 stores, it did not take her long to realize that interior design was her path. Creativity and aesthetics were her true passion; taking her to initiate her career in Architecture and Interior Design. After undertaking a master's degree, she founded Amha Design in June 2012; forming a team of twelve with architects, designers, sales and marketing executives.