Nicole Lama is a plastic artist, designer, art director and illustrator. Outside of AMHA she is a passionate master Kokeshi, which is the art of Japanese Doll making. At the age of 15, Nicole’s father, a civil engineer by trade, was sick so she decided to spend more time with him. While she cared for him they discovered they had the same passion of crafting traditional Japanese wooden dolls. In their time together, she learned everything her dad knew of Kokeshi. Her work with Kokeshi dolls inspired Nicole to pursue a career in plastic arts. She learned how to combine traditional and digital art while during her career as a professional designer. There is no project Nicole designs without a healthy dose of love and conviction. She believes that everything done with love means it was done well. She has dedicated her life to the arts and her work which are her passions. And she thanks her father for guiding her.