After studying as a communications major in marketing, Ana María began her career exploring various company styles and sizes, working in everything from sales to D&D to marketing, advertising and merchandising. Her next venture led her and her husband to establish a franchise of renowned Spanish jewelry company, the Tous Franchise. While running Tous Franchise she honed her skills in branding, sales and management of luxury brands, as well as designing and launching retail spaces. Ana María soon realized what she enjoyed the most was the process of designing and constructing stores. This ignited her passion for interior architecture. 

Working collaboratively with clients and vendors after founding AMHA Design in June 2012, Ana María realized that AMHA was expertly positioned to expand into designing and manufacturing its own product line. Sparked from the passion to deliver unique and exceptional designs to clients, AMHA Home opened its doors in December 2015 as a furniture and home accessories showroom. Ana’s husband, Roberto Doumet, provides business acumen as council to the AMHA team. She is a mother of five children and she loves to spend time with her family. In her spare time she practices pottery in her home art studio.