Lakeside Estate

The owners of this home hired AMHA services to unify the exterior with the interior of this two-floor property with an excellent view of a lake. The architecture evokes a sense of Guayaquil from yesteryear, completed with iron and large windows. It was imperative to flow seamlessly from the outside, in.

After designing each environment and planning the initiation of construction, we added a level of sophistication by combining antique pieces with contemporary and modern furniture. We designed marble flooring to replace the need for carpet, which ultimately marked the entrance along with modern moldings and lines on the walls. We used pocket gates as room dividers with a geometric pattern, adding further depth to the finishings.

To amplify character and depth, we selected furniture pieces from foreign brands and used delicate wallpaper in the bedrooms. We chose veneers and paint that create well-balanced environments. The result was classic, clean and modern.