We worked with this center for children with extra special abilities to design four specific rooms that each had a unique feel, yet flowed continuously from space to space. The laboratory and experimentation room was themed with outer space and stars. We covered the walls with a vinyl that resembled a starry night sky and created corporeal structures that represented each of the planets of the solar system and its main star, the sun.

The robotics room was inspired by computer circuit systems. In it, children can learn through assembling, disassembling and reassembling, so it was important to retain a large space for creation.

The body creativity room was inspired by a classical theater. Its feature is a stage, traditional black wood, red curtain and multicolored lights to set each scene. A gigantography with the image of a classical theater was installed on the side walls to complete the setting.

The plastic arts hall was inspired in a forest full of color. Cork and picture frames were installed on a wall so that children are able to display their completed work. For general areas, we used two concepts: the forest of knowledge and the rainbow of creativity. On one side of the corridors vinyl was placed with images of forests and appliques in the form of trees. On the opposite side, a vinyl representing a rainbow was installed.