Casas Project

This project was a renovation contest sponsored by the most important interior design magazine in Ecuador! The magazine selected the best designers and architects of the country to create different creative conceptual installations and transform an entire space into a visual delight.

Our space represents the different shades and layers of our skin, but above all, it portrays the color that we ALL carry inside—the color that runs through our body and gives us life and love from our hearts. We may be different shades and have unique layers, but we all carry the same color and essence. We are a single race: «The human race.»

In Asian culture, monkeys take care of the human essence. They are guardians who guide and illuminate our actions. The three wise monkeys remind us that we have to be thoughtful about what we say, what we see and how we talk to maintain the purity of our blood. Because in the end the truth is just a color that is love.