AMHA Studio

Our offices were originally created and designed as a coworking space for the management of several companies owned by Ana María’s family. We began occupying a small private space that two architects shared. The other offices were occupied by other family members’ businesses. As our business grew, we were opening new business units such as retail, design and manufacturing. We required more personnel and additional physical work space. So little by little, we occupied more space until we filled the entire office.

Originally, the design was very generic so that several brands could fit in fluidly. When the office became our studio entirely, we did a facelift and incorporated design pieces into walls, floors, desks, meeting room, etc. We changed certain finishes with golden meshes, black metal elements, furniture upholstered with our fabrics. We were able to incorporate the identity of our brand. It is a very nice place, with an incredible view of a lagoon that customers love to visit. We’re glad our customers feel welcome and very comfortable.